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Environmental Policy

LBCO Contracting is committed to maintaining and improving upon our environmental performance on all of our projects. We strive to ensure that we uphold sustainable construction practices, protect the land, living things, air, and water anywhere and provide a positive contribution in our business and with our clients. 

LBCO recognizes the importance of responsible stewardship of the surrounding environment. We ensure that our construction methods incorporate a keen and scientific environmental understanding to manage any sensitive aspects of each project site.

We work closely with all our stakeholders to provide transparency and insight for all matters regarding the environment and to ensure that any plans are carried out with the utmost of care.



LBCO Contracting Ltd. is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that will safeguard the health and safety of the employees, and the environment.


Ensure that environmental hazards are identified, assessed, and managed.


Establish management systems and implement procedures to comply with all applicable legislation.


Ensure that employees and others understand and accept responsibility for monitoring and protecting the environment.


Be responsive and sensitive to community concerns and provide needed information in a timely manner to meet these concerns.


Strive to prevent incidents that result in environmental impacts.


Educate all employees and contractors are engaged on our behalf about each project's needs and requirements to protect the environment.


Plan for an appropriate emergency response to minimize negative consequences and implement timely remedial measures for any event in which company activities could result in environmental damage.

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